Friday, 14 April 2017

My computer does not turn on, what do I do now?

Trouble shooting problems

Computers and laptops are an essential part of our lives today and when there is any issue with the computer we tend to worry and panic a lot. We have so much going on in our computers including the documents, work files, pictures, videos, and other personal data. It is nothing to panic about and it is most probable that the data is stored at the appropriate place. There could be some reasons due to which the computer is displaying such an issue and after evaluating and identifying the reason one can also resolve and fix the issue. 

Reasons for the basic System Problem and Solutions

One of the most common reason that a computer does not boot is due to the problem with the hard drive, either any piece of it is not functioning properly or simply the documents, emails, videos, music etc. are safe but there is an issue with their accessibility. On the external part, there could be problems like any damage, the power supply is malfunctioned or mostly people are not aware if all of the cords are plugged in properly or not. At times the computer displays the logo but there is an issue with the POST (Power-On-Self-Test). It indicates that the computer displays the logo brand but is does not move on from that point. While the power indicator also displays light but the display is clear with nothing displaying. The computer does not boot and else there are some beeping sounds. If there is no issue as mentioned, there can be a problem on the mother board, CPU cooler, video or memory card, or even the CPU on a whole due to which the compute does not boot.

Solutions to Issue

The power supply issue can be checked by plugging in any other electrical device in the socket. On the other hand, it needs to be ensured that all the cords are connected properly to the Central Processing Unit. The computer does not boot due to the inappropriate or loose attachment of cords. The computer needs to be removed from all of the power sources and cords are to be removed of there is beeping sound. The cords are to be assembled again which will help in eliminating the bee sound. It is also recommended that the computer is to be switched off for a certain period of time and then it is checked if the computer boots. Often complaints are reported that the computer dos not boot and instead there is an issue with the brightness and contrast of the computer display and thus a dark screen appears. In such a case the colors and brightness are to be adjusted. The issue also arises with some technical error or some problem with the CPU and as a result the compute does not boot. The bad contacts are removed by cleaning the parts of CPU. The CPU cooler, video and memory cards are removed and cleaned with isopropyl alcohol and a tooth brush. Clean the golden fingers with care without damaging. To resolve the problems in CPU, mother board. CPU cooler etc. it is checked at first if they are working properly in another system. If an issue is displayed, it indicates that the malfunctioned part is to be fixed or one can buy a new one.

How to Learn Quran or from where you can Learn Quran ?

How to learn Quran as a beginner

Anyone can recite Quran but learning Quran is different from reading. We have often read Quran once or twice in our lives but learning never stops. We often raise questions or even if we don’t we come across situation or people that raise questions in our mind. These question can only be answered when we truly know about the teachings of Islam. Most people fear to go to a scholar and think they might look down on them. This fear has stopped us from learning, another barrier is time. We are so busy in our daily lives that we don’t have time. In Quran, there is a very common word knowledge, the question what knowledge are we referring to? In Quran, it means the knowledge related to religion, hadees, and is the religious obligation of every believer to learn about the religion as well as to help others learn the religion

Learn Quran online

Technology has played a very important role in modifying our lives, we do almost everything on the internet. We take lectures and watch food recipes online all these things are important no doubt but religion is also important. We need to take full advantage of the internet in order to learn and get information about religion. This might sound easy but there are many websites that don’t have authentic information and this is one of the major reasons people avoid learning Quran from online sites. If you are a beginner and you don’t know where to start from the online course of learning Quran for beginners is socially designed for you. It is easily available on our website and everything provided there has a strong and authentic reference. Not only this but if you wish to learn Quranic Arabic you can enroll yourself into a Quran class. It is extremely easy all you have to do is enroll yourself in the course and you can start right away. Everything is available in the course if you have the passion for learning it will be easy for you. Instruction for every step is provided and if you still need some help you can ask for help.

It is very convenient, you don’t need proper time for that, all you need is enrollment and internet. You can use it on a laptop or a cellphone while you are at home or even if you have some time. You can even use it while you are traveling.

Where to know about validity and compatebility of softwares ?

Not a valid win32 application

Out of many irritating problems that a computer can suffer during the operation, an invalid win32 application error is most lethal. There can be various reason behind the mal-operation of the computer and the generation of this invalid win32 application. Different consequences of not a valid win32 application force the user to implement the essential practices for overcoming this error.
The user needs to consider the following approaches for making the things right. The possible reasons in the background can be as following.
Type of errors by invalid win32 application and their solutions

1.    File is corrupt or bad/missing

If the specific file or the program which the user is accessing which is not present or has been corrupted due to some malware attack or the lack of updates, then the windows will never be able to execute that file properly. The attempt to access this corrupted file lead to the generation of this error message.

You need to download that specific file again that must be compatible with the available version of the windows. Trying to download these files and running them again can make the things right. The chances of getting the files corrupted again during the download are always bright which later proves to be a very prominent cause of the error generation. If you feel that the same corrupted file is being downloaded again and again then choose another website for downloading that file. It is quite possible that the company or the person has uploaded a corrupt version of that file which you are downloading.

2.    Installing the program from CD/another disk

The chances of error generation also remain prominent when you are using CD or any other disk for installing the specific program. You need to verify that the CD or the available disk is clean. If the CD which you are using for installing the program is dirty and bad, then the error generation becomes quite possible. The reason behind this is the improper copying of the program onto that disk.

3.    Running the specific program from computer

If you are trying to run the program on your computer from its shortcut then first verify that the file is available in your system. It is also a common observation that the shortcut of the uninstalled program still exists on your computer even after the file deletion. When you rely on that shortcut without verifying the presences of the complete file then the possibilities of error generation always make their place. You can consider the scan disk/defrag on your system hard drive for checking the presence of the possible errors in memory. These errors sometimes become the hurdles in executing these programs.

4.    Bad file

While downloading the file that is changeable or renamed as .exe file must be given proper attention during the process. You must assure that the downloadable file must be a .exe file which cannot be changed later. You also need to assure that you are compiling that file for the available version of the window.

Helpoline offers the solution to all the Software Compatibility and validity problems. Helpoline considers the importance of the modern practices and the availability of the essential requirements in executing the programs without any hurdle. Helpoline online service is unique in itself. Moreover, the availability of 24/7 service brings you the quick solutions. These solutions are easy to implement and demands simple techniques by the user to remove the hurdles in program execution. Helpoline helpline number for neutralizing this not a valid win32 application error is +1-800-981-5864. Feel free to establish a connection with Helpoline and get the distinguished possible solutions to problem.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Microsoft Customer Care center

Microsoft Customer Care

To resolve the issues related to the windows and the operating system consider the effective customer care. The customer care provided by the Microsoft is second to none in digging out the root causes which is forcing your computer not to perform well. Moreover, plenty of information available in the various sections of the customer care portal makes the things easier for the valuable user to implement the most effective solution to the respective problem.

Why should you consider Microsoft customer care?

There are abundant issues which are not easy to handle especially when these issues become the hurdles in bringing down the performance and the computation power of your computer. These issues need to be executed within no time for the smoother performance of the computer. Sometimes the execution of these issues demands complex approaches and various advanced solutions (especially when you are running the latest version of the windows) which are only available at the Microsoft effective customer care.

You can easily access this vulnerable service by the Microsoft in executing the abundant problems which usually demand more than just traditional solutions. The information related to the severe issues also make the user enable to tackle the exact trouble making issues which are catalyzing the feeble performance. Moreover, the valuable information about the other related issues also makes a prominent difference in making the user at ease by offering it a brief information about them.

How can you access this vulnerable Microsoft customer care?

This Microsoft customer care is in the reach of the every user who is looking for a platform that can assist and direct him to the most effective solutions. Microsoft makes it easy for the user to only choose the best solutions which truly tackle the problem. There are several sections which are available on the Microsoft customer care portal for the help of the valuable user. These sections contain the updated information about the maximum possible problem that can occur in your computer operating system. Hence make it easier for you to diagnose computer and implement the recommended solution for that specific problem.

If you feel that your computer is not performing well even after implementing possible solutions, then you need to take the help of customer care portal. It is easier to find the solution for your problem after making a search. The customer care portal will directly lead you to the respective solution without any glitch.

You just need to type Microsoft customer care in your browser to access the services which are being provided by the Microsoft. After that, your browser will display the homepage of the customer care. This homepage contains the various sections of the information. The possible issues related to the operating system are available in the respective sections. This customer care portal also contains the recommendations of the possible solution for its user to tackle the problem and execute it by the implantation of the advanced solutions.

Sometimes you will not find the solution related to the main problem in the customer care portal. Hence make it difficult for you to consider the most effective and suitable solution to this problem. If you are facing the same problem then call Helpoline. We always looks for the PC owners who are suffering from the problems related to the operating system. Helpoline brings in its team of experienced professionals which look into the possible problem in detail. By bringing in the most suitable solutions, this Helpoline professional team executes the problems within no time. You can avail distinguished services of Helpoline by calling at +1-800-981-5864.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

How to test a computer CD-ROM and DVD drive ?

How to test a computer CD-ROM and DVD drive for failures

Computers have a lot of devices like mouse, keyboard, and monitor. But some parts are inside the body of PC. CD-ROM and DVD drive are one of them. With the help of CD-ROM and DVD drive, we are able to watch movies, install software and remove the virus from our computers. Windows Operating System is also installed using a DVD which makes these drives crucial for our computers and life. The antivirus programs that are used to remove a virus from our computers are also installed using DVD and CDs. The major applications that we use on our personal computers are also installed using these drives. So what if these drives get failure errors or fail to perform some basic tasks? It is where you need experts. Helpoline agents will resolve your problems in short time by utilizing their experience in this industry. Just call us if you require any assistance. But before calling the agents of helpoline, you have to make sure that the what are the failures that you are facing in your DVD or CD-ROM. Here is how to test a computer CD-ROM and DVD drive for failures:

•    Read Error:

Sometimes, a DVD drive or a CD-ROM don’t read the disk that you entered in them. This issue typically happens due to dust in that particular disc. This problem can be resolved by using a cleaner that is appropriate for cleaning this type of hardware. If you haven’t done this already then don’t do until you get the assistance of an expert. If you are going to do it yourself then at least ask an expert that which liquid or cleaner is best for cleaning this. Not all cleaners are the right choice for cleaning computer hardware so, make sure you are using the right one. Just call an expert from helpoline, and he/she will guide you in this matter better than anyone else.

•    DVD drive sound:

If you just inserted a DVD or CD in that particular drive and it is causing annoying noise, then there might be a problem with the DVD motor. It might be the indication of a faulty DVD reader which is caused by a hard hit or something else. Call the helpoline agent and explain the whole issue to him/her. They will surely help you in this matter.

•    Solution of slow data loading :

After inserting a disc in the drive, you might see slow data loading on your computer. This problem is due to the DVD reader or the disc. If your DVD reader or DVD lens is not clean, this might be the problem. Do not touch the unless with your hands or anything else because it will destroy it and you have to spend more money on the whole drive. Just carefully treat the lens in order to clean it. Don’t do it yourself without asking an expert if you are doing it for the first time. Call helpoline, and your issue will get fixed.

•    Incompatible drivers:

Just like other hardware devices of a computer, a CD-ROM or DVD drive works with the help of a driver. If you are seeing the incompatible driver or any other error related to the drivers, then update them immediately. The drivers might need a manual installation. For a solution, you can seek help from the helpoline agents by calling them. Just explain your problem and your issue will be resolved in short period. The agent will remotely install drivers on your system, and you will be able to use DVD drive or CD-ROM again.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

How to remove virus from windows and devices ?

How to remove virus from windows

Out of many possible reasons of your computer feeble performance, virus attack is most prominent. The viruses in your computer usually make the execution of the regular tasks more difficult. The presence of the viruses in your computer also adheres the potential software from performing well which you have loaded for the protection of the files and the essential programs.

This virus attack usually becomes the core cause of catalyzing many problems which directly affects the performance of the PC. Your computer usually performs feeble due to the lack of capabilities in adhering this problems. Hence the demand for the efficacious solutions becomes essential for the execution of the daily tasks on your computer.

Types of viral attacks and how they affect your computer?

There are different types of the virus attacks which directly affects the performance of computer.
The most common type of the virus attack usually occurs due to the insertion of any external hard drive, USB or memory card. The presence of the virus in that respective hard drive becomes the primary source of file corruption. When you connect that harmful device to your computer, then the transfer of virus takes place. This transfer of the virus makes its prominent place in a number of files, media, and documents which indirectly forces the computer to refuse their opening.

Other than this, the user who connects their computer to the internet all the time usually exposes it to the potential virus attack. You must keep this thing in your mind that there are a lot of online platforms on the internet which contains corrupted files. These corrupted files when you download to your computer usually bring lethal viruses with them. The presence of these files in your computer memory prominently damages other files on the hard drive. Hence directly affects the valuable data by corrupting their codes.

Most of the time lack of proper check and balance also give rise to the potential virus attack. You need to manage your data in your computer memory and make enormous space for the computer. Each time when you store data in bulk, chances of getting it attacked by the lethal virus becomes bright with the passage of time.

Sometimes lack of updates also makes the computer less efficient to tackle any virus attack.

How to remove the virus from your windows?

1.    You just need to ensure that all the software and the operating system have been updated to the latest versions. These latest versions of the software are capable enough to stop any security breach that indirectly makes space for any virus attack.

2.    Just ensure that there exist enormous space on your hard drive. The presence of free space in your hard drive makes things easier for your computer to perform well. Your computer is also less affected by the bulk of data and create hurdles in the path of any potential virus attack.

3.    Install efficacious anti-malware/virus software that can adhere possible virus attack. Moreover, the software which keeps on checking for the virus in your hard disk is usually recommended for installation.

4.    Be very selective while connecting external hard drive, USB and memory cards with your computer. This will also adhere maximum possible viruses to enter into your computer
Moreover, if you are not getting the desired outcome after implementing the above recommendation then call Helpoline. that have the enormous solutions to neutralize the problems related to the virus attack. Helpoline system support helpline number +1-800-981-5864 is available for the user who wants to make their computer free of all the viruses. Helpoline always welcome their clients by offering them best solutions against virus attacks.

Monday, 10 April 2017

How I can secure my system ?

How to remove cache?

A cache is a collection of items that is stored in an inaccessible place on a drive. A cache memory is one of the fastest memories in the world. A cache is helpful as well as problematic for computers. A cache memory stores data of programs into it and saves it so that when it runs next time, it can load faster than before. But most of the times cache has to be removed. You might have one question in your mind that how to remove the cache from your computer? The answer is simple. By just using the right tools. If you are trying hard to eliminate cache from your computer, then an expert’s assistance can make a difference. At helpoline, our agents are available 24/7 to assist those who need help.

The cache can create problems with a computer. The most common problem is slowing down a PC’s performance from time to time. The cache needs to be cleared before it makes the computer worse. Instead of deleting all of the system cache, selective cleanup is the best option. It is because of the cache which stores information for some programs. So, if you want to make your computer faster, then you can then just call at helpoline. We have expert staff members that can quickly and safely remove the cache from your computer without affecting your valuable programs and data. Here are some problems and their fixes that can be solved by removing cache.

•    Speed up performance:

Clearing computer cache can make a computer faster than before. The operating system stores data in the form of chunks and loads every time a computer runs a program. In order to clear it safely, ask for help from a helpoline agent, and he/she will help you in clearing right files from your computer. After deleting junk files from your system, you can experience the fast performance of your computer once

•    Start as brand new:

By clearing the cache, one can start his/her computer as a new one. Remember when you first purchased your computer? It was working really fast when it was new. But now, it looks old and slower than ever. To make your machine fast again, you have to take help from helpoline agents who are experienced in handling these issues. The only way to make your computer run faster is curing it with the right tools that only an expert knows. Just call us at the given number on our website, and we will assist you in making that happen. Our expert will remove unnecessary files that are stored in the form of cache and then you will be able to use your computer like it was the first day.

•    Save storage:

Cache not only affect the performance of the PC but also takes too much room if not cleared. One of the reasons of computer’s slow performance is the little storage. If you don’t do monthly maintenance, then you might end up with low storage, and less RAM. Special software is needed to clean the unnecessary files from the computer. At helpoline, we have all those tools that can cost your hundreds of dollars. With our help, you are saving a lot of your precious time and money. So, call helpoline and an expert will address your issue quickly. After analyzing the whole scenario, your problem will be resolved in short time by experts using the right tools that are needed. Our staff is available 24/7 for best in class help in computer related problems. Don’t hesitate if you don’t know the process of cleaning cache.